Saturday, June 25, 2011


Ok. Dont get me wrong. Its just that I'm really short of time these days thanks to my awfully hectic schedule. So a quick post to know hows everyone doing?? I have been to drop by at all the blogs but I'm drowning in assignments. But hey I'm not complaining! I'm having the most amazing time of my life here at Symbiosis Institute of Media & Communication,Pune. After the initial anxiety of adjusting to a totally different environment, everything has finally fallen in place. I cant stop raving about this place & its people. Its a pot pourri of different cultures of the country. Its just so amazing meet people from all over the nation. I'm simply loving it. Feeling so privileged to be a part of the Symbiosis fraternity. Just waiting to get a new camera so i can share my experiences with y`all.

So whats new with everyone?? Stay awesome! :D



  1. Have a great stay at your new college.All the very best :) Awaiting the pics!!

  2. Have an amazing college life :)

  3. having the time of your life eh :D


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