Sunday, June 19, 2011

How you doing??

Hello everyone! hows everyone doing? I know I've been missing in action lately. So much happened in the last couple of weeks & I'm in still in a daze. I finally made to the college of my choice. Yayyyyyyyy!!!! :P :D I'm so over  the moon. The campus is one of the most beautiful ones we have in the country. Its like living in a resort :) I'm surrounded by greenery & mountains. & the monsoon is just adding to all the beauty. Enjoying nature at its best. (Will be uploading pictures soon!)Though its my first time away from home, I'm the least bit scared. I'm living my dream & things will only get better from here of that I'm sure. Such is my faith in God. He has been very kind in helping me realize my dream. Thank you Lord! You have been patient with me when I claimed to lose trust in you. You have been kind when I felt you weren't listening. Thank you for being there & for all that you have done. Thank you for being so patient when I was on an emotional roller coaster. Its funny how things work out in life. You never know whats waiting for you at the next bend in the road. Just when you think of giving up,life surprises you with a new ray of hope. So the key is to never stop believing in yourself & God. You never know God has in store for you. So just continue to work towards your goal & God will help you achieve them. God bless :)

P.S. - I'll keep y`all posted about the happenings out here.



  1. That's wonderful! Congrats!!! I am glad you got what you wanted. I am sure you will love the college experience ... while we all miss home but the over all life is awesome! :)

    ♥ from ©

  2. Congratulations, Raey! You've done it! On to the next phase of your life. Keep the faith. :)


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