Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Deprived

Gosh I am writing after ETERNITY!!!!! Never thought I'll get this busy. I miss blogging so much. But darned assignments are sucking the life out of me :( Getting these insanely scary dark circles cuz of extreme sleep deprivation. Nahiiiiiii now who will marry me???? Hallucinations,dementia as you can see. Miss ghar ka khana. If  anyone dares get some home cooked food..then God save him/her. People smell it from miles away and pounce on it like pack of hungry wolves. Yet staying away from home isn't all that difficult as I thought it would be. Who am i kidding I am doing awesome here on my own :P For a girl who would rather starve than get up and cook, it has been no less than an achievement to live in a hostel! Anyhoo had my 1st n last freshers party last Sunday & man it was fun! Wish we could do that every weekend. I know I said in my last post there will be pictures of the campus in following posts but sadly I dont have a camera right now & I am super broke. So send in your donations to fund one :P You can also send food coupons of awesome restaurants  in Pune. The Hungry & Deprived souls will bless you. & yea yea that reminds me anyone from Pune amongst my lovely readers?? Please do suggest places to shop and eat in Pune. Pleeessss. Thank you. Come Again.



  1. oh you poor thing! Miss you! If I lived close by I would definitely cook and bring you food! :)

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  2. @Tanvi - Awwww that's soooo very sweet of you xoxo


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