Friday, February 18, 2011

The Game is On

image courtesy: total sports madness
Soooooo stage for The World Cup Cricket is set. & "I'm excited" will be the understatement of the year!! Cricket mania has gripped the entire nation & I'm not spared either. For the next month & a half I'll be living & breathing cricket. India is entering the tournament as a favorite by popular choice *woohoo* After the oh so dismal performance in the 2007 edition, its got a fresh new brigade ready to take on the challenge & I'm sure they won't disappoint. The best part is India is going to host a big chunk of matches *woohoo again* :D So the excitement increases manifold & I'm dizzy with happiness *heart beats faster* (Ok,calm down Raey) 

Now I'm just gonna hope for the best performance ever by the Men in blue *looks above & gives a long hard stare* (They better do God or else...Grrrrr!!) 

So if you're even half as excited as I am do give a shout out for Team India in the comments section :)



  1. @Megh - You traitor! How can you say that? hmpff..

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