Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunset Boulevard

Hey All!!

Hows it going with everyone? I have been MIA (missing in action that is) due to my exams which now seem to go on for eternity. Cant wait for them to be over so that I can Go SHOPPING (I'm in dire need of clothes!! Hell when am I not! Thats a different story.) Also i missed the Kala Ghoda Art Festival *sob sob*  STUPID EXAMS again! Anyhoo enough with the whining. I finally went on my maiden trip to Pune..YAY!! I was there for the 2nd round of my MBA entrance (Yes I'm an MBA aspirant,did I never mention that?) The city is just absolutely beautiful & so diverse. The main city is so vibrant that you will never even a moment of boredom! The outskirts of Pune is equally amazing. The picturesque landscape will just take your breath away. I saw the most beautiful sunset of my life. The campus of the institute I wanna get into is simply superb! Now I so badly hope to get through!! & the best part is I didn't get homesick at all while I was there. All because its so similar to Mumbai. Can't wait to go back again! Keeping fingers crossed :)



  1. just happen to bump into your blog and i really like it :)..
    You are right Pune is a nice place..have been there couple of times and i always liked it :)

  2. Good luck with the entrance exams, Raey! You've studied hard to get to this point now, so be confident! :)

  3. @Jahn - I'm so glad you like my blog. Welcome to my world :)

    @Anne - Thank you so much dear. I'll keep that in mind. =]


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