Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Winter Woes

Its that time of the year again..!!! Dip in temperature,cold dark mornings,warm thick blankets....u get the gist...But its also time for my annual influenza days..*aachooo* Though winters in mumbai are quite mild but low temperature coupled with the pollution really gets on to me *boohoo* *cough cough* *sniffle* Every year at the onset of winter I'm down with flu :( No matter how careful i am but i eventually catch that awfully slow cold!!!!! *sniffle* But i still love this weather..The city looks amazing wrapped in the blanket of morning fog..Hot Coffee,even hotter samosas n who can forget its time for Christmas!!!!!!!!!! The whole world gears up for this festival n adorns itself in shades of reds n greens..The Christmas tree, Santa Claus n his lil helpers, Christmas carols..the glee is infectious..So its time to put on that red cap n sing "Jingle Bells Jingle Bells!!!!!"

P.S. This is specially dedicated to my friend Richa who loooooooves Christmas...love u gal!! <3


  1. Aaawww, I hope you've recovered now and are ready to part through the holiday season :)

  2. Yeaa...I'm up & about now..Can't wait to go Xmas shopping!! Thanks :)

  3. hey ritu...ur blogs r awesome...gud going gal...god bless u...!!


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