Tuesday, November 16, 2010


The other day i was mindlessly surfing channels on tv (as usual) when i happened to see this documentary about heroin addiction on national geographic. It was shocking to see how easily people get hooked to drugs. And anybody could fall a prey to this addiction. It crosses the bar of gender,caste,class and religion. The documentary followed the journey of various junkies..It was appalling to see the plight of youngsters who become addicts n how they destroy their otherwise normal lives. They lie,steal,enter into prostitution and do just about anything to get their 'fix of the day'. The docu followed a Norwegian junkie and his girlfriend. This guy wanted to kick his addiction but was too scared to do so for the fear of withdrawal. His girlfriend did try going to a rehab but ran away as she couldnt handle the withdrawal. So now the guy couldnt make himself go to a rehab cause of the very same reason and also since this addiction of theirs is the only connection they have. Now whether its his love for his gf or the drug thats keeping him from going to a rehab no one can say...


Whatcha think about that??