Sunday, December 26, 2010

& the countdown begins...(also featuring "Oh My Vogue" Giveaway)

So finally I'm done with exams, well atleast for the year '10..& I'm all excited for 2011. There are so many things to look forward to. Hope it turns out to be better than 2010 which was pretty eventful itself :)

Anyway there's a Marc Jacobs giveaway being conducted by lovely henar from spain..Do visit her blog for details Though I'm a tad late to post this but hey its never too late!! ;)


  1. Thank you for such sweet comments! They totally made my day! I am glad you have found blogging and it is truly a great community. Supportive and Loving. Thank you again for your kind words. Hope to hear more from you in the coming year :) [comments and posts both]

  2. @tanvii. Pleasure is all mine =] & thanks for the encouraging words.Can't stop smiling!! :D Hope you a wonderful new year.Good luck! <3

  3. Hey!
    Thank you for the giveaway heads up :)
    and, I'm sure you'll have a lovely 2011!
    Welcome to the bloggers community, as Tanvi said its an awesome place :D

  4. @rukman. Thank you so much dear!! Wishing the same for you too. Its such a pleasure to interact with all you lovely people out there!! xoxox


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