Thursday, May 5, 2011

When the going gets tough

Ok. So i wanna officially surrender. Wanna get on the highest roof & scream my lungs out that I give up. My patience is wearing thin now. I'm out of ideas & energy. But I dont wanna give up. Not just yet. Hope its just a phase & it will pass. Trying hard to believe that. Why such a cruel joke was played on me? I'm clearly not a sucker for practical jokes. I can see my dream which I nurtured for 3 years coming crashing down. I was so close I could almost touch it. But I'm still standing strong. Gotta start everything all over again. Just praying for some serious strength. Its a test & I'm determined to pass with flying colours. I'll work my way through it. Yes I can do it.

P.S. My first rant post. Feels good after taking it all out. Thanks for reading (whoever does) =] Guess I'll just go back to my previous post for some inspiration!



  1. Yes, you can!!! :) Good Luck!!! Hope it all works out!

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  2. Everything's gonna be alright! :)

  3. Thanks everyone..It all means a lot ^_^

  4. ohh hunny...hope u feel better..just take a step back, breahe hard , relax and calm down and then start over... with smaller steps and one step at a sure u will achieve all u want..i promise!!!

    big hug!!

  5. oye ryan !...
    its just a matter of time !

  6. Thanks everyone! Feeling better already :)

  7. We stumble, we pick ourselves up. It sucks, of course, but we have to move on. You'll do fine, Raey. You're strong. :)


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